NuBio 10 Probiotics

Finest selection of prebiotics and probiotics with  citrus powder

Healthy gut, healthy life

NuBio10 formulated with finest quality selection of probiotics and prebiotics strains. Each of our premium strains is well researched to ensure the cultures can survive through low pH and concentrated bile in our gut as well as excellent adherence to human intestinal cell. These good qualities of NuBio10 probiotics ensure healthier gut and optimize the benefits of good bacteria. 

Premium imported probiotic strains

  • Cross counties innovation from USA, Japan and Germany to ensure the best quality

Well researched 5+1 gold standard Strains

  • Each strains supported with Human Clinical Trials, In-vitro Studies and Research Review publication. 

Safety and well preserved efficacy

  • GMP certified product manufacturing. 
  • Strains listed on EU-funded PROSAFE. 
  • Patented stabilization technology, FloraFit®RT. 

suitable for all ages

  • Less Hassle- One formulation for all ages. 
  • Suitable even for kids and elderly.