Lohmann & Rauscher

L&R – 3 steps to successful 

wound management

1. Debridement 

2. Wound treatment 

3. Compression

Lohmann & Rauscher Wound Dressings

For Comfortable and
Effective Healing Process

With R&D activities as its core over several decades, L&R offers a comprehensive range of innovative and hygiene dressings for the management of acute or chronic wounds. In general, these dressings can be categorized into Traditional Special Dressings and Advanced Moist Wound Dressings which are specially designed to promote effective wound healing yet gentle on the patients.

Step 1: Debridement The basis for successful wound healing.
Effective and gentle wound bed preparation is the foundation for a successful healing process: A clean wound bed is generally essential in order for many modern wound products to be effective. With the Debrisoft products Debrisoft and Debrisoft Lolly, debridement can be performed quickly, easily and in a way that is nearly pain-free.
Step 2: Wound treatment First rate wound management.
Regardless of whether wounds are large or small, we make it possible for you to provide wound care tailored to the individual patients and their particular wound situations. Because L&R products offer healthcare professionals a comprehensive range of products for all types of wounds and situations. The L&R range of wound care products includes wound fillers and wound dressings.
Step 3: Compression therapy Because the right pressure is key.
Compression therapy is a routine approach in medicine and patient care and is the foundation for the successful healing of venous leg problems, especially venous leg ulcers.

Advance Wound Dressings

Traditional Wound Dressings

Compression Therapy

The Right Pressure is the Key


Stretch Bandage for immobilisation of limbs, support and relief in traumatology and sports medicine. 


Mollelast can be applied without bunching and retains dressings reliably without constriction, especially on tapered parts of the body and joints. Elastic retention bandages are used primarily for the retention of wound dressings and bandages.


The short stretch compression system is used for effective treatment of venous leg ulcers. The material’s low flexibility (stiffness) quickly reduces oedema in the affected limb.